Race car


Before you get behind the wheel for a big event, you obviously need to be mentally prepared. But, equally, your car also has to be race-ready if it is to perform as safely and as effectively as possible. Whatever event (such as a track day) you are gearing up for, let us make sure you’re fully prepared, with our services tightly tailored to your particular needs, from a complete vehicle build (to the exact regulations of the event) to a pre-event service.
Talk to us whether you want periodic maintenance to keep the work needed right before the event to a minimum, or a thorough once-over of your vehicle ahead of a racing weekend, or chassis set-up work. Our prep is thorough and carried out by highly skilled and experienced engineers and mechanics, giving you the best chance of a safe and powerful racing experience, complete with optimal performance and handling.

Remember, we love motorsport as much as you do!



Modifying your chassis ahead of a big race? Here’s what we do:

  • Full vehicle shot blasting
  • Complete paint refinishing
  • Body shell strengthening via seam welding to increase shell rigidity and life
  • Modification of shell/chassis to fit additional required components
  • Extra roll-cage bars
  • Design and fabrication of components



Few people appreciate more than we do that the importance of the engine as the heart and soul of your lean, mean racing machine! So this has always been at the heart of what we do.
Here’s what we offer when we build the engine that will transform your car from a regular motor to a racing powerhouse

  • We oversee the whole engine-building process from start to finish, including the specialised machining of engine components.
  • As well as full engine builds, our customers turn to us for cylinder head and short engine rebuilds


and brakes

You can have a powerful engine, but it won’t mean very much without the right combination of braking ability and suspension tuning. That’s especially true in view of all the accelerating, braking and steering you’ll be doing on the day of your event. At Preptech UK, we fully appreciate the role of these things to successful racing performance. Look to us for full support with the following:

  • Complete suspension installation or upgrade
  • Race and track day set-up
  • Corner weighting
  • Brake upgrades so they’re finely tuned for a track day
  • Full racing brake set-up, including bias proportioning boxes/valves
  • Upgrades of anti-roll bars



Nothing is more important to us than safety on the track, not least when an event is actually taking place. Let us supply you with everything you need to minimise the potential dangers of racing, and fit this specialist equipment.
Our range includes:

  • Roll-cage supply and installation: This protective frame built in (or sometimes around) a vehicle’s passenger compartment is typically made of welded steel tubing and provides protection if there’s a rollover or crash.
  • Harness supply and installation: Out on the track, a standard seatbelt simply won’t cut it, or give you the support and freedom of movement you need to stay safe while remaining fully in control of the vehicle, and escape from it if you need to. Harnesses are available in widely varying styles to keep you safe and comfortable behind the wheel.
  • Race seat installation: Being in a good racing position gives you the confidence you need as you sit on the starting line waiting for the flag to drop. We fit a range of FIA-approved seats compatible with different harnesses to convert any vehicle into a high-performing racer.
  • Race seat bars: These are another safety measure to keep you secure in the driver’s seat while testing the limits of your cars by keeping the racing seat belt harness at a 10-15° degree angle to the shoulders. Above all, it’s vital that this equipment is fitted properly.


at the venue

Preptech UK getting your motor ready for its big day. We also provide fully insured support at race circuits, whether you’re competing in a track day, test day or race weekend. So we’ll be with you as necessary trackside to provide:

  • Full or partial mechanical support
  • Engineering support and management, troubleshooting any last-minute niggles
  • Chassis adjustments and set-up work

We’ll make sure there’s nothing standing in the way of your safety, comfort and performance as you prepare to roar off.



This is another service which we at Preptech UK provide, leading to consistently strong performance from all the drivers we work with. Our highly skilled and experienced trackside staff and associated Association of Racing Driver Schools (ARDS) instructors provide an extremely high level of coaching, consistently if needed.

With driver psychology firmly in mind, our coaching techniques are aimed at enhancing performance, adopting a winning mindset and giving drivers a deep mechanical knowledge and understanding of how their car works.

From the start of each training session, we’re totally on the side of the driver.